Wellness Tracker: Week of August 5, 2018

If there’s any one lesson these nearly eight months of blogging have taught me, it’s that setting big goals for myself is the easy part. I kicked off 2018 with a list of big, bold goals and things I wanted to make true for myself. And though I was thoughtful and intentional in my drafting, I casually and mindlessly lost track of what I’d set out to achieve. And since this isn’t my first experience with wavering goals and motivation, I know that the best way to remedy my current pattern of minimal progress is to ramp up my accountability measures.

So here it ismy commitment to put my goals out there every week. (Ideally) I’ll post them at the start of each week and update my progress toward them before solidifying my goals for the next week. Here’s to me claiming more openness, honesty, and success as I build out my blogging portfolio!


My Wellness Goals for the week of August 5, 2018

Fitness Goal: Complete 3 workout sessions or fitness classes
Making the move to NYC has completely thrown me out of my element on this one. I’ll need to be pretty creativeand strong willedto get this one completed.

Update: Two bike rides and one outdoor yoga session later, I barely squeezed all three of these in. More brainstorming around

Nutrition Goal: Cut out red meat
For the longest time, I’ve been struggling to understand what I should eat. What foods make me feel good? What foods should I avoid? What “diet” best fits my lifestyle, body, and needs? Until I can get to a nutritionist, I’m going out a few food groups at a time to get a better idea of what’s best.

Update: FAIL! I absentmindedly ate beef and pork last week, once in a chef salad my dad prepared.

Spiritual Goal: Read another 7 chapters of Genesis
Late last month, I picked up a Bible I’ve had for nearly ten years and decided to start reading. Though it’s not the typical version of the Bible I’d read (I’m a NKJV girl and this copy is the NIV) my overarching goal is to read it from cover to cover. I’m not on a particular timeline, but I’m striving for a consistent and thorough study.

Update: Unfortunately, I didn’t quite meet the mark on this one either. Last week I read 4 chapters instead of the anticipated 7. I’ve definitely not been as consistent as a once was.

Social Goal: Call at least one friend to catch up
Let’s be honestmaintaining friendships can be tough! With a handful of obligations I have to be busy, it can feel nearly impossible to squeeze friendship maintenance into my schedule. But if I’m not careful, prioritizing a “convenient” schedule will just leave me with no one to call on in times of need or celebration. And while a quick call may not be the magic answer, I’m hoping it’ll be a step in the right direction.

Update: Accomplished! I called at least three friends last week. While they required more time than I’d initially planned, it was well worth it.

Mindset Goal: Catalog my fears
This weekend, I connected with one of my mentors and talked to her about my experiences trying to build a brand while figuring out what I want to be known for (basically, the struggle). It wasn’t long before she recognized how afraid I am of failing, messing up, and looking crazy out in these streets! She pointed me to Hebrews Chapter 11 and reminded me that, while fear is a very real feeling, my faith will be evident by my actions. So this week I’m taking ownership of my fears by writing them down, posting them on my mirror, and making facing them head on.

Update: I did not make this happen last week. Pulling over to this week though!

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