The 4 Pillars of my Wedding Wellness Routine

These past few months, I’ve taken my fitness routine to the next level. I cut out some most problem foods (and alcohol), started working out more often, and have been trying to get more rest—and it was showing! In only a few weeks, I’ve noticed differences in my muscle definition, my skin, my energy levels and my overall commitment to my health and wellness routine!

Then I broke my toe

Unable to put pressure on my right foot, I was sentenced to 6-8 weeks in a walking boot. And at first I was in denial about what that meant (I was searching for the perfect summertime 10k in the Urgent Care lobby). But once the reality of my limitations set in, I fell into a deep sadness for a few days. My fitness routine is so closely tied to who I am and what I value—what would the next month and a half be life?!

Needless to say, I survived. But my workout routine came to a screeching halt (save for a few visits to hotel gyms towards the end)! And, feeling completely defeated about it, I gave up on my commitment to eating and drinking healthier. So now, nearly 5 weeks later, I’m feeling good enough to walk on my right foot and I’m ready to kick it into overdrive.

With 99 days left before “I do,” I’m ready to get back to feeling like myself—and that means revamping my wellness routine! Here’s my plan.

Get Active!

I’ve slowly started venturing back to the gym again, but I’m beyond ready to pick up my regular fitness schedule again. What will that look like?

  1. I’m starting 80 Day Obsession all over again next Monday (I was more than halfway through before the injury). That means 1 hr of HIIT training 6 days a week! Hands down, 80 Day Obsession was the toughest fitness regimen I’d ever committed to, but it had me as snatched as I can remember!
  2. I’m also ready to restart my daily yoga practice! That means towing my yoga mat around on flights and at the client site, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve got quite a few chaturangas with my name on ‘em!
  3. Lastly, I’m so looking forward to all the ClassPass classes I’ve missed out on these past few weeks! Find me at a SoulCycle, [SolidCore], Barry’s Bootcamp, or Barre class near you!

Stay Hydrated!

With such limited activity day to day, I haven’t been nearly as diligent about drinking my target amount of water each day—and I can feel the difference. But now that I’ll be sweating more, hydration is a top priority, so I’m aiming for a gallon—128 ozs—of water each day!

With my Nalgene water bottle and WaterMinder app as my resources, I’m ready to kick dehydration to the curb (and prepare for 20+ daily bathroom runs in the process)!

Eat Strategically!

To be honest, I’m still not quite sure what foods and diet plans work best for me. But whether I’m experimenting with dairy free, high fat, low carb or even vegan meal plans, leveraging timed nutrition made all the difference in my physique (especially in my midsection).

At a very high level, this approach is about eating food that fuels my body in concert with my planned workouts, while making sure I get all the protein, carbs, and fats I need throughout the day. In short: it’s a game changer! I end up feeling full, energized, and ready to go all day!

Pamper Myself!

Last, but certainly not least important, is indulging in a consistent self-care routine. The stress of wedding planning, in conjunction with my full-time job, is a lot so I’m absolutely rewarding myself for working as hard as I do. For me, that’s meant scheduling a few facials, massages, and visits to the chiropractor in the weeks to come and I am excited!

Also, I’m limiting myself to one 12 oz coffee each workday and adding my favorite collagen protein powder as a treat. This way, I manage my caffeine-induced anxiety levels while investing in my skin and nails! Not to mention, I treat myself with a cookie nearly every day!

I’m officially getting “back in the game” at the start of next week! Be sure to follow along as I share my journey on my Insta Stories!

Do you have questions about any aspects of my wellness routine? Let me know—I’d be happy to talk more about my experience!

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