Struggles of a Loc’ed Bride

As my wedding day swiftly approaches, my day of details are becoming more and more of a focus. So naturally my day-of look is top of mind. I’m talking about the dress, the veil, the shoes, and accessories, etc. And while I have a pretty good idea of what I want to look like and what I’m looking for, there’s one area that has been a particular struggle to navigate—my hair!

In recent years, images of brides of color who don their natural hair on their wedding day have become a lot more common (and I stan). But most often, a search for “natural hair brides” only produces images of women with fros, twist outs, and Bantu knots! And as a bride-to-be with locs that I love, I haven’t always felt seen by the bridal industry.


What are locs anyway?

Now, for those who are unfamiliar (including every bridal consultant I’ve met to date), let me provide a bit of context. My hair is loc’ed / I have locs (or, as they’re sometimes called, dreadlocks).

Not quite sure what that means? Here’s a bit of background I give at the start of each bridal accessory appointment:

  • My locs developed from my real hair, which grew out of my head and matted / knotted in the rope-like shape you see today.
  • My locs aren’t extensions that I can put in and take out over the course of a few days.
  • My locs are permanent and can’t be removed without causing significant breakage and damage to my hair (an option I’m not interested in).
  • I will be wearing my locs down the aisle.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me just say that any hair-related wedding components have been a struggle and I know I’ll have to be a bit creative!

Veils and Hairpieces

While I’ve found veils and hair pieces I absolutely love, my locs have added a level of complication to achieving the look I’m going for.

Veils are essentially long pieces of tulle or silk attached to combs, designed to anchor between a bride’s hair and scalp. Well, since my hair isn’t lose, tucking a comb under my locs is a struggle! The same goes for nearly all other hair pieces, which has caused a significant amount of frustration (see examples below).

My planned resolution: Albeit a bit dramatic, the only solution I feel good about is crafting my own hybrid hair accessories! Stay tuned…

Day-of Hair Styling

Unfortunately, the artist who’s supporting hair and makeup for my bridal party doesn’t have experience styling locs and won’t be helping me with my hair day of. But trust me when I say I’m beyond thankful that she was upfront and honest about her limitations, even if it means more planning and work on my end.

Beyond the question of who will do my hair, I’ve been having a tough time deciding what I want them to do! I know I want a relatively simple style that will allow for maximum comfort and flexibility, but I also want to look bridal!

My planned resolution: I’m currently considering working with a friend who can confidently style my locs (she’s been loc’ed for longer than I have)! But since she’ll a guest of the wedding herself, I’m planning to do the “pre-work” (washing, re-twisting, and drying my locs) on my own. That way she only has to spend time helping me achieve the “bridal” look.

As far as styles are concerned, I haven’t found a style that jumps out to be yet, but I’m looking to my favorite loc’ed sisters for some much needed inspo!

Inspo 1 | Inspo 2 | Inspo 3

For anyone who’s planned a wedding—In what areas did you have to get creative with your planning? What resources do you wish existed to ease any wedding-planning woes?

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