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Welcome to the Flow and Favor Resources section, a list of tools and websites that I strongly recommend for spiritual, physical, and wellness-centric growth.

Yoga, Fitness and Wellness

    • I was a bit hesitant to spend more than $10 on a set of yoga blocks, but these cork block by HemingWeigh are awesome! The weight of the blocks is a game changer and they provide an awesome level of stability.
    • Traveling for work has had a major impact on my workout schedule (and my waistline). When I travel for work each week, I’m sure to pack my ab roller, exercise sliders, and resistance bands. These tools are light weight and super easy to travel with–and I can use them in my room and skip the hotel gym.
    • There are some really complicated yoga poses (asanas) out there and, depending on your flexibility and experience, they may seem absolutely impossible. Even though I’ve been practicing for years, I use this yoga strap by Gaiam to make the really difficult asanas more accessible!


  • I started Bible Journaling earlier this month with my favorite edition (NKJV) of the Bible! This Journal the Word Bible has been an awesome starter journal for me (and these Staedler pens make me feel that much more artistic).
  • I’m not sure if you’ve ever had this feeling, but praying outside of church can be sort of difficult! I used to let “not knowing what to say” and insecurities about my limited knowledge of the Bible hold me back from praying all together! A few years ago, a close friend gifted me Joyce Meyer’s The Confident Woman Devotional for Christmas and I was so relieved to have a starting point for my prayers. If you’re not quite confident praying on your own, or just want a great devotional, I’d definitely suggest giving this one a read.



  • One of the most frequent questions I get is “who takes your pictures for you?” While I recruit my boyfriend to be my on-call photographer every so often, I take the majority of my photos my myself on my iPhone! I used to lean my phone up against all sorts of things, but this tripod has been a game changer for me; I’d definitely recommend!
  • Last year this time, D and I were at a pretty tough point in our relationship. We’d fallen into a few destructive habits and our communication skills nearly broke down completely! While there were a number of tools that helped us grow as a couple and move past our issues, the 31 Creative Ways to Love & Encourage Him book (and it’s counterpart) gave us tools (many of which were faith-centered) to strengthen our relationship.


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