#BachWhitIt | My Bachelorette Weekend Recap

Now that I’ve officially recovered, I’m so excited to share an overview of my Bachelorette weekend. For so many reasons, the bachelorette was one of the best times of my life! I felt so loved and so blessed to be celebrated by 14 of my best friends—6 bridesmaids and 8 friends-turned-sisters—in an amazing city! Not only did these ladies travel to Miami from all over, but they showed up ready to have a great time.

The bachelorette weekend was my first “bridal” event (we skipped an engagement party) and reminded me just how close I am to being a married woman, and how lucky I am to have great friends to support me during this time. Keep reading for a full recap of the weekend!

Why Miami?

When I started thinking about bachelorette locations, almost a year ago now, I just knew I wanted to do something lowkey. Before long I set my mind on Chicago, a city I’ve been dying to experience summer in for a while now. But my bridesmaids had something else up their sleeves…

A few months out, I learned that my bridal party had started planning my bachelorette…in a secret location! Did I mention that I hate surprises?!

Anyway, given work travel and my incessant need to know what was going on, the girls revealed our actual destination about two months out. And though I didn’t know it then, Miami was the perfect destination! I had the bachelorette party of my dreams AND I got to go to the beach.


Due to rain and crazy flight delays, many of the girls who travelled in on Thursday spent most of the day in an airport. We’d planned for happy hour and pictures in Wynwood, but the three of us who’d made it to the hotel before 6pm settled for dinner (pasta at Joey’s!) instead. After dinner, we returned to the suite and popped our first bottle of champagne together to kick off the weekend. As flights landed and girls trickled in, we hung out in the suite for a lowkey night.


Yoga on the Beach

We started the day with sunrise yoga! Waking up for the 7am class was a struggle, but it was absolutely worth it! We had an amazing class with an attentive instructor and we were on the beach! I had no clue that yoga on sand would be as challenging as it was, but I had the best time.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by La Sandwicherie for sandwiches and fresh juice—the perfect post-yoga treat!

Brunch at The Social Club

Later in the morning, we went to brunch at The Social Club. The manager and staff were AMAZING and so incredibly accommodating. Most of my group—me included—opted for bottomless mimosas, which came with small carafes of peach, guava, and orange juice. For my meal, I ordered the Smoked Brisket Grilled Cheese which was delicious!

Another bride tribe was seated directly behind us and the party started! With all the positive energy in the room, the DJ turned brunch into a day party and started playing the JAMS! Needless to say, dancing and incessant laughter followed and we had the best time.

Massages at Evolve

After brunch, a handful of us headed to Evolve for massages! My sister (the best Maid of Honor on the planet, hands down) booked in advance and we got a great deal for our services.

Evolve has beautiful, clean facilities and a warm, welcoming staff. Unfortunately, in true post-brunch fashion, I KNOCKED OUT and slept through my entire session. I mean…it was a deep, “pretty sure there was snoring” sleep. But according to the girls who participated, the masseuses hand game was strong!

Beach / Pool Time

Somehow, after all of this, we made time for the beach and pool! It’d been years since I last relaxed on a beach, and while I didn’t realize it beforehand, I was craving time in the ocean. The chance to simply relax and enjoy the waves was enough to convince me that Miami was the best option for my bachelorette.

Night Out at Bodega

For the most part, we got dinner in smaller groups—I ended up eating a burger while wearing a balloon animal hat at Senor Frogs—before regrouping for a night out. We decided on Bodega, a taqueria with speakeasy-style club in the back.

I loved this place! The wait wasn’t terribly long, there wasn’t a cover for girls, and we were all greeted with tequila shots upon admission! We walked through a hallway of urinals and entered a packed club with a diverse crowd. The DJ was high energy and played a lot of the latest hip-hop/rap songs (many of which I didn’t know).

After a few hours of dancing, we ended the night with tacos and a McDonald’s run!


Beach Photoshoot

Going into bachelorette planning, I knew I wanted a photoshoot dedicated to capturing moments with all my friends. The girls went on the hunt for brown / earth toned swimsuits and I found the perfect suit on Asos.

We woke up on Saturday morning to the promise of thunderstorms and, I’ll admit, I was pretty nervous! Fortunately, by our 11:30 start time, the rain, thunder, and clouds had all disappeared and we were good to go. We went out to the beach with a photographer my sister found on Thumbtack and took some of the most amazing pictures!

Day Party at Nikki Beach

That afternoon we packed into a few Ubers and brought the party to Nikki Beach, where we had a daybed and table for our group. My sister collected money from the girls in advance (PRO TIP) and it made the ordering process SO much easier.

We ordered tons of food and drinks, and the girls got a champagne bottle / band serenade for me (weird, but I’ll take it)! We took pictures, had plenty of girl talk, and made more time for the beach.

By the end of the evening, we were too stuffed for dinner and ended up cancelling our reservation at Ceviche 105 (bittersweet decision) to relax before heading out on the town for the night.

Night out at Brick

With all my girls dressed in black for our final night out, we headed to Brick (Brickhouse). This bar / beer garden, with its backyard cookout vibe, was definitely the move. With no cover, no “girls in heels” requirement, and great music we had such a good time! It was crowded and quite warm, but we managed to stay out past three!


With various flight departure times among the group, we didn’t do anything formal on Sunday. A few of us squeezed in a stop at Joe & the Juice for fresh juice and a sandwich before rushing out to spend more time on the beach. 

Though bittersweet, the goodbyes were probably my favorite part of the trip. I had the chance to thank my friends for coming all the way to Miami to celebrate me and truly reflect on how grateful I was to have them all by my side! Every single one of the ladies added something so special to my weekend and, knowing that they’re all praying and wishing me well as I enter this new phase of life is such a special gift.

The Extras

As a gift to my ladies, I got ridiculously cute fanny packs for everyone (and one for myself, of course). I had them custom made on Etsy and had the best experience with the seller!

Otherwise, my sister made cute little gift bags for everyone and had balloons delivered to our hotel room! Such a great touch.

Where did you celebrate your bachelorette weekend? If you haven’t had one yet, would you have it in Miami? 

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