August 2018 Intention: Making Space for God to Provide

“God himself will provide the lamb” Genesis 22:8

In Genesis 22, God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, in a fire offering. After reading the previous chapters, which detailed his wife’s infertility, their skepticism about having a child of their own, and their eventual joy in Isaac’s birth, I had a hard time imagining how Abraham could follow through with such an order. He had been so obedient to God’s work—how could God take Isaac from him?

As they walked to the offering site, Isaac (who was completely oblivious to the plan) asked his dad “where is the lamb [for the offering]?”, to which Abraham responded “God himself will provide the lamb.” With everything that must have been on Abraham’s heart and all the fear Isaac must have felt, Abraham pressed on, fully prepared to offer up his son. As Abraham took up his knife, God interceded and spared Isaac.

When you fear God, he will provide…

When I reread this chapter this week, I couldn’t help but think about what I have been holding on to that I should actually be offering up to God. My job? My finances? Shoot, my friendships?!  When I stop and think about it, there are so many things—those that are most important to me, those that stress me out—that I’ve been fighting to hold onto, trying to nurture and sooth on my own.

This month, I’m set on lifting my most pressing worries and most exciting dreams up to the Lord.  Just as He provided for Abraham (and spared Isaac a fate that wasn’t for him), I trust that He has something in store for me as well.

Here’s to a month of following instead of fighting for the lead. Submitting to His divine plan instead of obsessing over the way I hope things will turn out. Leaving space and time for a ram to appear in the thicket (instead of rushing to force the plan I think should be…

One thought on “August 2018 Intention: Making Space for God to Provide

  1. I was going to text you…. but why not leave a comment😂. This Challenge me. It made my look into myself and the things I’m holding on to. My Pride. I’ve been though a lot growing up. As you now being family and all, lol. But I PRIDE myself of “MAKING IT OUT” of whatever was in my way. To the point I dont let people in…. Reading this made me realize that I have to Sacrifice My pride to be at another Level in life!!

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